Pattern Croquis Service - 1930

I am not entirely sure when or from where this little gem came into the archives.   I know it's been in the inventory system for at least fifteen years.   One of the amazing things is that the fabric swatches are all still attached!  Giving us not only an opportunity to see the original colors -- but textures, weight, and hand as well. 

I did a little internet sleuthing to see if there was anything about the Pattern Croquis Service - but drew a huge zero.    

I checked a couple of vintage pattern sites as well to see if any images of the patterns listed on the sheets were available - but also found nothing.   

So some various speculations on my part.    

It's possible that this company was some sort of promotion or lobbying group for textile manufacturers.   "The Cotton-Textile Institute, Inc." hints that these sheets may have been used to promote the fabrics attached to store owners.   These could have been salesman samples that would have been left for the store owner to browse.  

The sheets represent a wide range of pattern companies -  Vogue, Butterick, Pictorical Review and McCall are all listed.  Along with some slightly more obscure companies - Woman's Home Companion and Fashionable Dress Pattern.  

If all of the product sheets featured only one company, I could posit that these were advertising pages, or perhaps were sent to shops to be displayed at the pattern counter along with catalogs.  

What exactly were they for?   That is a bit of a mystery.   

If you have ideas, suggestions or find a bit of info - please share!

You can find the file to download here!

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