# 2486 - 1940's Sports Shorts - Full Sized Print

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Available: In stock
Available: In stock
Type: Day Dress
25 Inch - 47 Inch Waist 
33 Inch - 55 Inch Hip 


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These stylish shorts with soft pleats and side buttons are the perfect thing for summer! 

These would pair up beautifully with modern tank tops or warm weather shirts for a polished look that doesn't scream "costume".
This print includes patterns for all sizes in the range above.


All of our patterns are replicated directly from the original source material of the period.  
Suggested Fabrics:  Cotton, Rayon, Linen, Twill, Light Weight Denim

A Note About Grading Vintage Patterns
 Grading from one size into a wider range of sizes is both a science and an art.   This is especially true with vintage patterns, that were often inaccurately manufactured, or previously used/altered by a past seamstress.

 Prior to grading, the digitized original size is checked to make sure that seam edges and notches match.  The grading process can (and often does) introduce some variables.  This can be especially true when expanding or shrinking more than three sizes from the original.  Such as from a 32 Bust to 42 Bust.  Or down from a 42 Bust to a 32 Bust. 
You may see some little peaks or valleys along curved edges like armholes or sleeve caps.   Just adjust your cutting to smooth out the curve where needed.  Shoulder seams and neck lines may widen or lengthen disproportionately – use the closest size to your measurements, and adjust accordingly. 
 Always sew a test garment to verify and alter fit before constructing the garment out of your final fabric.  

Day Dress


Revival Designed


# 2486 - Sports Shorts Print


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