Deutsche Moden Zeitung - 1935 Issue # 12

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Available: Only 6 left In stock
Type: Fashion Journal With Pattern Sheet

This German fashion magazine with pattern sheet includes the full size pattern pieces for all of the garments shown in the illustrations here. 

There are several patterns for children's clothing, needlework, and accessories as well that are not shown in the illustrations, but are included in the download.  

The download includes ONLY the pages from the magazine that include the pattern images and needlework.  A tiled version of the pattern sheet for assembling at home, as well as a full size PDF of the pattern sheet is included for printing at a copy shop.  

The pattern sheet is formatted like the current Burda Magazine pattern sheets.  Each pattern piece has a different line type.  All of the pieces are overprinted on top of each other and will need to be traced off individually.

These files are very large due to the graphics, please be patient as they download.

A few notes on this issue: 

The original source material was in very poor condition, and quite fragile.  The pattern sheet arrived to the archives with tape repairs, which do show on the download. 

The pages and images have been cleaned up and enhanced to the highest quality possible, given the condition of the original.  


Fashion Journal With Pattern Sheet


Revival Designed


DMZ 1935 # 12