Thanks for popping over to read all about the Archive Drafts Project!

Revival Designed is the proud caretaker of a collection of nearly ten thousand antique/vintage patterns and related fashion history items.  

Amongst these are historic fashion journals dated from 1867 through the mid-1950.

These journals were published weekly and featured the current styles, needlework and articles relating to the domestic sphere.  Of these --  La Mode Illustree, Der Bazar and Illustrierte Wasche-und Handarbeits-Zeitung are some of the most well known.   

About half of the yearly issues included a large fold-out sheet of full size patterns.  Some specialty issues would focus on bridal gowns, fancy dress costume, and sportswear - while others only featured needlework.  A typical issue would contain between twelve and twenty (sometimes many more!) patterns.  At the conservative end of things a year subscription would bring you two hundred plus patterns.  

The home seamstress would trace off the pieces needed to construct the garment desired.   A typical issue would feature mostly women's styles - but also children, young adults, and occasionally clothing for men.  

It would be generous to call the text published with the patterns "Instructions".  They are more like guidelines.  Seamstresses of the past learned to sew at an early age.

I haven't done an actual count of all the issues in the archives - but there are a lot . . . a LOT . . . of them.  (Maybe its time to take a full inventory - and report back?) 

The long term goal is to have all of these patterns not only digitized, but graded, with expanded instructions, fabric layouts, and tutorials on how to construct them. 

The more realistic goal is to have them available in the original size, with the original "Instructions" as they were first published.  These will comprise the "Archive Drafts" line of patterns. 

Because it takes less time to digitize and transcribe these patterns, they will be priced lower than the more complete pattern packages I offer.  As time allows to grade, write more detailed instructions and tutorials - they will take their place alongside the other patterns that you know and love. 

Should you have questions or need help to construct one of these patterns, email me at and I'll advise you as best I can.  


Janyce Hill

Revival Designed